Veterinary Locum Insurance

Regularly overlooked by many surgeries, Locum Insurance is one of the most critical covers that should be in place. It should always be organised in line with your partnership / shareholder agreement and your existing income protection policy. Failure to do this can result in an ability to claim on the policy. We at JPM, have the expertise to ensure your cover always works.


Our policy is designed to insure against accident or illness of key staff and to pay the costs of employing locum or other staff working overtime to cover absence. Some features of JPM’s Locum insurance:


24 Hour Worldwide Cover
Standard Extensions: Jury Service, Maternity / Paternity Leave, Bereavement Cover
Up to £2,500 per Week and 102 Weeks Cover
Sports Activities Including Winter Sports (Excluding Off Piste) Covered
Fits Alongside Income Protection and Partnership / Shareholder Agreements
Tax Allowable Business Expense, Paid Upon Doctor’s Note Receipt
Deferred Periods 2 -13 Weeks
No Locum Receipts Required

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