Veterinary Practice Insurance

Practice Complete represents our holistic offering to veterinary surgeons and dentists alike. It embodies the 4 main elements of our business. These being Insurance, Finance, Workplace Pensions and Financial Services. Practice Complete therefore ensures that every part of your surgery benefits from our business.

An All-in-one Vet Insurance Service

Insurance is very important for any surgery, therefore JPM have focused on offering the best possible solution for any surgery insurance needs. Not only that but JPM also offer help with Locum Insurance, Private Healthcare, Engineering Inspection Insurance and Personal Insurance. More information on these can be found below. For more information on JPM’s other Commercial insurance offerings, click here.

Practice Complete also brings together Finance, Financial Services and Workplace pensions all into one product. These individual aspects may sometimes be overlooked, but at JPM we can help you see the value in each area and can help your practice save money. For more information on any of these services, click here to go to the main services page.

We have an ever growing portfolio of over 300 veterinary and dental customers representing approximately 50% of our general insurance business. We have over 50 years combined experience dealing with surgery’s insurance and finance requirements bringing a collective wealth of knowledge and experience to any given circumstance or challenge. At JPM, we are confident that a bespoke and competitive solution can be found for all of your needs.

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Surgery Insurance

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Personal Insurances

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Locum Insurance

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Engineering Inspection Insurance

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Financial Services

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Private Healthcare

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Workplace Pensions

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