Flexible Pensions & Retirement Planning

A pension allows you to build up a sum of money, in a tax efficient way, which will be used to provide an income for your retirement, with the option to take part of your plan value as a tax free cash sum. It is a very complex area with numerous matters to discuss.


JPM will complete a full fact find around your requirements for taking income at and around retirement.


Our clients save all their working life and it is important for them to make the correct decisions when it comes to their retirement. We have the experience to provide the target income required in the most tax efficient way. Potentially saving both income tax on their retirement income and inheritance tax on their assets.


With the changes to pension legislation, there is no longer a need to purchase an annuity, and income can be taken when and how a client may require. Tax saving incentives can be maximised and pension benefits passed to beneficiaries, outside of the members’ estate.


JPM is well placed to advise and support the needs of the individual and their dependants.


We provide advice on:


  • Commencing a New Pension
  • Drawdown
  • Carrying out Pension Reviews
  • Annuities
  • Pension Switches
  • Alternative Retirement Options
Flexible Pensions & Retirement Planning

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