Understanding Prestige Car Insurance

Prestige Car Insurance

If you own one of the world’s finer, more luxurious and often more expensive cars, then you may well require prestige car insurance to sufficiently protect your vehicle. Firstly it’s important to know what we are talking about when we are discussing ‘prestige cars’. Whilst there is no hard and fast rule, we are obviously…

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Key Questions About High Net Worth Insurance

High net worth Insurance

High Net Worth home insurance – or High Value home insurance – is a specialist type of insurance. It is designed for people with valuable homes and possessions. If your home or belongings are worth a lot of money, standard home insurance policies might not give you enough cover.  Specialist high net worth insurance can…

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Is Your Building Underinsured?

Birmingham Library

9 out of 10 Buildings in the UK have the incorrect sum insured. The sum insured is the cost of rebuilding from scratch which also includes any professional fees – it is not the same as the building’s market value, which in some cases might be higher or lower. You must always use a chartered…

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Trade Credit Insurance – What is it and why does my business need it

Trade credit insurance-what is it and does my business need it?

In the current economic climate, Trade Credit Insurance is a real talking point in the business world with the risk of bankruptcies and insolvencies growing by the day. If a business goes bump, it has knock-on effects on other businesses who are left with unpaid debts, which can lead to further cash flow issues and…

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Understanding Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo or Marine Transit Insurance will provide cover for loss or damage of goods while being shipped around the world and transported across the UK, either by road, rail, sea or air. There is a difference between buyers and sellers for marine cargo insurance As the Seller of finished goods, components or raw materials,…

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Protecting Your Properties in a Cold Snap

Protecting your properties in a cold snap

Winter can be a difficult time of year for property owners, with freezing temperatures, stormy weather and strong winds capable of causing lots of issues. However, there are steps you can take to alleviate some of these risks, here are just a handful of tips to help you reduce the impact of Winter on your…

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